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Annual Report Translation – The Supreme Discipline of Professional Translation Companies

Annual Report Translation
Annual Report Translation – The Supreme Discipline of Professional Translation Companies – EVS Translations

Spring has a very special meaning for investors. The annual reports of large companies are eagerly awaited, since business results in the previous year are presented in these documents. Were profits higher than expected? What developments have Management anticipated for the following year? Publishing such reports always has a certain excitement for companies. Investors should not be frightened by all the doom-mongering but should also avoid getting upset because visible weaknesses have been underestimated. Writing such a report calls for a high level of language finesse – this is a key task for translators who are required to accurately convey the meaning of dozens of pages of compressed financial analyses for investors who speak another language, all within a short period of time. The question is: Who should I contact if I want a good translation of an annual report?

Finding the right balance between numbers and style

It is the same thing every year: Many companies already start gathering business figures at the end of the year so that they can be verified and analyzed afterwards. If the results need to be available at the start of the year, this frequently has to be done quickly. If the annual report is published on time, this is good for the company’s prestige.

Speed is a factor that brings along huge challenges for those in charge of writing the report – at the same time, annual reports are still seen as a company’s business card and should therefore be well written. It is just as difficult for the translator who has to identify all nuances and accurately convey their meaning into a foreign language. Therefore, annual report translations should always be provided by an experienced translation company.

A field with many pitfalls

The importance of an accurate translation should not be underestimated – just like the numerous pitfalls that can be found in this complex area. It is no secret that word-for-word translations into a foreign language often sound strange and also occasionally lead to alterations to the meaning. However, financial documents need to be dealt with cautiously in order to accurately translate terminology while always taking context into account. The different terms that exist in accounting rules in line with the German HGB and international IFRS serve as a good example.

Specialized translators are not only required to have in-depth knowledge of the source and target languages – they also need expertise in financial subjects. In addition, they need to have strong nerves to produce completely accurate translations under pressure of deadlines.

Annual report translation services provided by professionals

Every word counts: EVS Translations GmbH is particularly careful when translating annual reports into English. In order to meet the usually tight deadlines or even handle large annual report translation volumes, project managers with experience in the industry also work as direct contact partners and coordinate teams of native speaker financial translators, proofreaders and IT experts behind the scenes.

For more than 25 years, the translation company, which was founded in Germany and is now operating worldwide, has been translating a wide range of texts into over 50 different languages. The financial sector is one of its key areas. In addition to annual reports, the company’s day-to-day business includes annual financial statements, risk reports, IR reports, due diligence reports and quarterly reports.

Annual report translations require special attention and in-depth expertise. Experienced translation companies such as EVS Translations GmbH have the required skills and resources to produce translations in this difficult area with high quality results and within a short period of time.