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Annual - Word of the day - EVS Translations
Annual – Word of the day – EVS Translations

The word annual comes from the Old French word annuel, and can first be found in one of the Wycliffe’s Bible published around 1382, when the term “annuel werker” appears . Wycliffe’s Bible was a group of Bible’s translated into Middle English during the late 14th century.

In 1603, however, the word appeared as annuall in  Shakespeare’s Hamlet:  “Giues him three thousand crownes in annuall fee” because it was around the 1500’s that the word became refashioned from the Classical Latin word annāl-em which, itself, went on to become annuāl-em.

It is mostly as an adjective to describe something relating to the year, for example an annual event or annual fee. It also used to refer to a book which is published at the same time every year as a kind of a review.

An early example of an annual was Peter Parley’s Annual written in 1840, which was compiled by several authors and aimed at young people and described life in Boston Massachusetts.