11 Jun /13

Global South- Atlanta’s international business boom fuels demand for language services

Atlanta demand language servicesIn 1859 a writer for the Industrial Journal labeled Atlanta a “city in the woods” referring to its lush surrounding and its history as a backwoods railway outpost that as recent as 1847 only had thirty residents. Today, of course, the ATL, or Hotlanta, is home to 5,500,000 million inhabitants and represents everything but a remote railroad town.

Today, Atlanta is the heart of a Southeastern economy that generates a GDP of $3.15 trillion, which would rank as the 7th largest in the world. Its rich transportation history and favorable geographic position have turned the city into one of the nation’s most important logistic hubs and distribution centers for importers and exporters alike. Atlanta is not only home to the world’s busiest airport but also thoroughly connected to major trucking routes and, by means of its Savannah port, global sea-traffic.

This unique concoction of logistic and economic benefits has helped to fuel Atlanta’s rapid growth both as a center of commerce as well as a center of culture. Especially since the city hosted the 1996 Summer Olympics, Atlanta has developed into a true international city that embodies the spirit of a global society. By 2009, more than 700,000 of metro Atlanta residents were born outside of the United States and each year the city is gaining 25,000 new international residents. This continuing influx of international ATLiens, many of which well-educated and high-skilled, conversely makes the city even more attractive to globally operating corporations. More than eighty chambers of commerce and trade offices additionally make Atlanta an inviting environment for foreign investment.

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