29 Mar /12

Benefits of corporate terminology management

corporate terminology management One word, several meanings – why terminology can save money and mean success.

Expertise or competence? Organic or natural? Assistant or secretary? Terminology is an essential part of corporate communication and corporate identity.

Every corporation is likely to have a unique terminology that is an important carrier of information and that helps with differentiation and branding.

Managing a consistent and comprehensive terminology ensures successful and efficient communication within the corporation as well as between the corporation and its customers worldwide.

What is corporate terminology management?

Corporate terminology management is the process of systematically gathering and consolidating the corporation’s primarily used terms together in databases of terminology corpora and their storage and effective management.

Corporate terminology management is a key component to managing global content and communicating with global customers effectively and leads to many internal and external benefits.

Benefits of corporate terminology management

  • Better internal and external communication, less misunderstandings, less complaints
  • Better customer experience
  • Easier adaptation of products and services to global markets
  • Time-to-market delivery of global content
  • Legal and standards compliance
  • Brand consistency
  • Enhanced content quality
  • Decrease of the cost for translation and localisation services
  • Increase in efficiency and error reduction
  • Increase of the value of the brand

Corporate terminology management strongly contributes to the good reputation and image of a corporation.

Its absence can lead to many and different internal and external misunderstandings. The consequences can be very cost intensive.

That is why it is essential for companies to implement methods and to use tools for corporate terminology management.

Among the rest, an effective corporate terminology management is the key to high quality and consistent translations of a company’s corporate documentation. Terminology can significantly shorten release deadlines in software and other publications. Long term it will reduce authoring and translation costs, improve translation quality and is therefore essential for international success.