16 Sep /14

Alive with Science

Several decades ago, the British Midlands were known for one thing: vehicle factories. Though the factories have long gone and the Midlands have been through a rough economic period, it now appears that a new, technologically advanced industry is rediscovering the area around Nottingham. Over the last decade or so Nottingham has emerged as the bioscience and pharmaceutical capital of Britain’s North.

At first glance, Nottingham seems to lack the gravitational pull of typical medical and scientific hubs, such as Atlanta in the United States (check our article: The medical technology hub of the New South). However, what it may lack in size and global reach, Nottingham makes up for in links to research universities and community involvement. British industry heavyweights GlaxoSmithKline and Astra-Zeneca extensively and routinely partner with the University of Nottingham to form a symbiotic and productive connection between research and retail. Mutually beneficial, the partnership between corporations and universities not only guarantees companies access to cutting edge research and a well-educated future workforce already familiar with the products and processes of a company, but, in turn, secures funding for notoriously underfinanced educational institutions. Secondly, Nottingham lures corporate investment through collaborative creations such as BioCity and MediCity, a complete package of services tailored to the specific needs of bioscience companies, including legal and funding assistance as well as access to facilities and infrastructure.

The results seem are speaking for themselves:

  • Including the new location in Scotland, Nottingham’s BioCity is now home to over 80 bioscience companies.

  • The European Lead Factory, an industry-wide collaboration to speed the development of new drugs, awarded €6.2 million in funding to the City of Nottingham.

  • 47% of UK bioscience companies formed in the last 5 years were formed at an incubation site like Nottingham’s.

  • Companies in Nottingham’s BioCity have received more than £40 million in venture capital funding.

Without a doubt, Nottingham’s strategy is working; however, there are certain issues that need to be addressed. As the saying goes, there is a whole world outside of the UK. While incubation is good for giving a business guidance as well as getting it off the ground and granting a first taste of success, in order to be successful on the next, the international level, a bioscience business has to be able to navigate the sea of restrictions and “red tape” that accompany global distribution while appealing to an international client base in their own language and culture. In order to do this as efficiently and effectively as possible, a business that desires international reach needs to partner with a reliable translation company that has the experience and global reach to meet its needs.

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