21 Jun /18

„The important thing is not to win but to be part of the team“

On the 3rd of June for the fourth consecutive year the Bulgarian office of EVS Translations participated in the biggest corporate relay race in Sofia − Postbank Business Run. This is the fifth edition of the event, which is dedicated to charitable purposes. The funds raised this year are intended for three charitable causes and will be donated to three foundations – The Cedar Foundation, Water Way Foundation and For Our Children Foundation, which care for children and young people with intellectual disabilities and special needs, and children at risk. EVS Translations Bulgaria employees embraced the idea with enthusiasm to join the event and support the causes through participation in sport.

The team that presented the Bulgarian office was predominantly female and chose the vibrant and powerful name PowerPuff Girls. The name is not surprising or unfamiliar to those who remember Cartoon Network 15 years ago. Videlina and Gery from “Translation technologies”, Irena, translator from English and Michaela Angelova − manager of Sales Department represented the company in a dignified way, despite the hellish heat. They finished on 275th place, with Irena scoring best, as she prepared for her 4 km run three months in advance, though she had never run before. Here are the impressions of our PowerPuff girls:

Videlina Todorova (first participation with EVS Translations in a company event): „ Business run was a meaningful (because of the causes it supports) and nice way to enjoy the weekend. Everyone was smiling, excited, vibrant, and the atmosphere was great. The only problem was that I did not know exactly how much 4 km were and I had to learn it the hard way. I really liked the fact that the EVS Translations team tirelessly shouted all the time and encouraged the runners on each round, which was very nice, especially when you already frantically want to lie down and not move anymore.

Gergana Naidenova: „ I took part for the second time and I did it with pleasure! It was not hard, it was just very hot. We ranked 275th, but I can confidently declare that what matters is the idea, not the victory… to give what you are capable of and be part of the team.“

Gerry’s words also reflect the philosophy behind such successful events and the companies that organise and participate in them − always give their best for meaningful causes as well as for their clients. Thus they become part of successful teams, though not always occupy the honourable first place.

EVS Translations is looking forward to the next edition of Postbank Business Run. And until then, it will spare no effort in offering translation, interpreting and localisation services, to ensure the success of its clients!