19 Jan /15


The term bullshit celebrates its 100th anniversary this year, yet its origins, even if not absolutely clear and surrounded by urban myths, go far back.Continue reading Bullshit

16 Jan /15


The word headstand celebrates its 100th year in print this year following its first appearance in 1915 in The Indianapolis Sunday Star: “Barrett.Continue reading Headstand

15 Jan /15


At the beginning of any year, as people look for ways to improve themselves, one of the top priorities always seems to be based somewhere around self-improvement.Continue reading Narcissistic

14 Jan /15


As Lithuania becomes the latest member of the Eurozone, abandoning its litas in favor of the euro, it’s important to look at its largest economic neighbor: Poland.Continue reading Zloty

12 Jan /15


The parties, gathering, and holidays are over, and by now we should all be back to our normal lives and focused on making 2015 better than 2014.Continue reading Wino