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3 Reasons Why Centralising Translation Demand Through One Language Service Provider Helps a Business to Derive More Value From Translation Spend

Why Centralising Translation Demand Through One LSP Is Best
Why Centralising Translation Demand Through One LSP Is Best

When you’re learning new information, what type of content format do you prefer? Many of us will go to YouTube for explainer videos. Or, as we highlighted in a previous blog, apps that use questionnaires to test understanding can also be great learning tools.

Client feature: educational video content for life sciences

EVS Translations works with a US-based video production company that creates educational video content exclusively for healthcare and scientific research institutions. Staff access these videos as part of a wider learning process. The videos complement the more traditional text-based learning formats by offering an additional step-by-step visual representation of processes described in text format.

When the client asked EVS Translations to proofread subtitle and on-screen content that had been translated by a different provider, our linguistic team checked that all scientific terminology had been accurately transferred between languages. Unfortunately, not only were some of the technical facts incorrect, but the content also failed to meet the professional standard for readability and grammatical accuracy. This was bad news for a client who works to create exceptional visual learning experiences for leading institutions.

Don’t lose long-term value by ‘mixing and matching’ translation providers

Why did this happen? This is often the result when clients outsource translations to different providers: different people within a company are working with a combination of agencies or freelance workers and there is no centralisation or preferred supplier system in place. When this happens, it can cause disparities in the translations to emerge and those can become costly to fix.

This reminds us of our other UK-based client who spoke about this topic in a previous interview with us:

“Thinking you can mix and match translation providers is a mistake. You need to continue to build the relationship and feed in keywords and industry terms. Spend time reading and improving the copy (with help from your native speaking partners) and remember to feedback to your translation provider in order to get the best outcome in the long term.”

  • Marketing & communications manager (client of EVS Translations UK)

Successful translation (and therefore user content) comes from investing in a partnership where all parties are focused on generating long-term quality and value.

We want to see your business succeed, so here we’ve summarised:

3 Reasons Why Centralising translation demand through one Language Service Provider Helps a Business to Derive More Value from Translation Spend

#1 It helps your business to generate long-term value from translation spend

One team manages all your content over time and is the central point for ensuring consistency now and into the future (using the appropriate software and content management strategies). They take a wholistic approach to your company’s content and form a clear and central point for everyone in your company to access.

 #2 Accessing the same translator or translator team improves quality and turnaround times

Translation experts get to know your content and your preferred style and terminology. This reduces research time, thereby speeding up production times and your publication cycles.

 #3 Reducing client-side project management helps to free up your time

If you choose a larger provider that offers end-to-end solutions, this can greatly reduce the time you have to spend managing multiple suppliers. Need German subtitles for an educational video? Let your provider deliver the finished product: a video with all the subtitles translated then embedded. The number of people in the production chain is shorter which makes production quicker and it also allows for better quality control.

If your team is working with multiple translation providers, why not speak with our team to find out how you could simplify and improve processes by centralising translation demand through one supplier? Contact our team today.

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