11 Dec /20

Empowering children – a Christmas gift with meaning

Making children strong – a Christmas gift with meaning
Making children strong – a Christmas gift with meaning

Who would have guessed that in 2020 all plans would have to reimagined? The unique thing about this crisis is that it has affected people all over the world. In addition to all the sad events and experiences, 2020 has also been a year of change, upheaval and awakenings. Priorities are shifting, values are changing. Material wealth seems to be less important. Suddenly, it has become clear what is important. This may be something that is different for each of us. Time with family and friends, freedom, safety, peace or satisfaction, for example.

All these are things that even the youngest want. For this reason, EVS Translations has again decided to do without material gifts this year. Instead, we are supporting the organisation “Right To Play” with a donation. Right to Play helps to enable children in unstable regions to live independent lives – free from neglect, exploitation, violence and abuse – by teaching them through games and sport.


Why help is so important right now

COVID-19 has presented Right To Play and its 15 programme countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East with enormous challenges. The health systems and knowledge about effective hygiene and prevention measures in the programme regions are not comparable to our standards. School closures and the loss of parental income have caused drastic consequences for the children’s futures.

“Much of what has been built for the children over the past 20 years is now at stake. The financial and existential fears of parents lead to increases in domestic violence, neglect, child labour and child marriages.” – Sven Schröder, Managing Director of Right To Play Germany

How Right To Play gets involved

School closures and the introduction of social distancing measures meant that neither in-school nor out-of-school activities were possible for long stretches of the year.

In addition to acute emergency aid (providing soap, assistance with food distribution and public education on effective prevention measures such as proper handwashing and social distancing), the team quickly adapted learning activities, materials and resources to the new circumstances.

“Providing children with vital knowledge for the prevention of diseases has been a central aspect of our work for 20 years.” – Sven Schröder, Managing Director of Right To Play Germany

Taking part is easy – how you can help children, too

As part of our Christmas campaign in support of Right To Play, a donation page was created where you can make a donation online. There you will also find details about the donation account. Why not have a look and join us in supporting the important work of Right To Play? You’ll find more information here: www.righttoplay.de/evs-translations-christmas. Together, we can do more.

Thank you very much for your help!

We wish everyone and their families a happy holiday season.

The EVS Translations team