26 Jul /12

The need for competition / antitrust law translation and interpreting services

antitrust law translationCompetition / antitrust law is a vital and an important component of a free market economy.

Antitrust enforcement helps companies by protecting them from unfair competition and helps assert their own rights and position on a given market.

From consumer’s point of view,  free competition / antitrust legislation ensures diversity, quality and fair prices for goods and services and enhances innovations.

Professional legal translation and interpreting services play an important role in competition / antitrust law.

Antitrust law translation and interpretation services are required so that the companies or law firms that operate in a given region or country can understand and interpret the locally applicable free competition / antitrust practices and legislation correctly so that they can meet their obligations and avoid any penalties.

Professional competition / antitrust law translation and interpreting services can help to:

  • Establish free competition by ensuring that the various competitors in a given market or region receive the correct interpretation and translation and have the right understanding of the legislation in place.

  • Enhance healthy communication between different competitors.

  • Protect the market against a monopolistic position.

  • Solve legal issues and court cases for companies in respect to antitrust regulations.

  • Defend companies whose business has been affected by unfair competition.

  • Ensure product diversity and innovation, while at the same time creating jobs in a market/region.

International antitrust legislation requires legal translation and interpreting services capable of supporting effectively documentation for cases held around the world. An international antitrust case may involve different practices, arguments, review processes and filings. It can also involve several jurisdictions which means that is essential for corporations to obtain translations and/or interpretation of the laws of all potential jurisdictions.

We, at EVS Translations offer competition/antitrust law translation and interpreting services in line with international requirements.