14 Apr /11

Translata 2011, Are translators necessary any more?

TRANSLATA Translation ConferenceTranslata 2011

Edward Vick, Managing Director of EVS Translations, made a presentation at the 1st International Conference on Translation and Interpreting Studies Translata 2011, “Translation & Interpreting Research: Yesterday – Today – Tomorrow” in Innsbruck, Austria, on 14th May 2011.

The 1st Translata International Conference, which will be held at the Institute for Translation Studies at the Leopold Franzens University of Innsbruck, aims to have a new impact on fundamental translation and interpreting research whilst offering a forum for broad exchange between researchers, teachers and practitioners.

The Translata conference hopes to provide new insights into the different kinds of translation and interpreting activities, at the same time gaining ground on the way to scientifically-based quality standards in translation and interpreting.

At Translata Edward Vick talked on The Death of the Translator. Key subjects: English and Machine Translation. At the end there was a heated discussion about how to use memories and the increasing disintermediation of the translation business. After all 75% of all translations worldwide are not paid for. However, the 25% which is left is expanding so quickly that the future of the translator is not in jeopardy.


Machine translation and translation memories in business and governance. The future of machine translation and professional translators. Most translation done for localisation is likely to follow the MT-assisted TM model, with the translator thus becoming a de-facto post-editor of machine output.

TRANSLATA International Conference