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Copyediting and creating content that converts

Copyediting from our global creative team – EVS Translations
Copyediting from our global creative team – EVS Translations

EVS Translations‘ client from the medical device sector recently came with a request for English copyediting.

The company runs an e-learning platform through which healthcare professionals, distributors and technicians can access webinar-based training to improve their knowledge of and skills with the company’s products. The company provided our team with an English translation of their original German copy and our copyeditor worked on this English content further.

What is copyediting?

Copyediting is important to ensure that copy (e.g. website copy) meets the expectations of the intended audience in terms of style, readability and accuracy. Copyeditors also consider the wider objectives of the content. If it’s website copy, is there a clear call to action? Have SEO keywords been implemented in such a way that the content still reads fluidly?  For an overseas audience, is there the appropriate cultural adaptation?

Our task for the medical device company was to:

– ‘Freshen up’ the content on the relevant website page
– Shorten the text by 10%
– Make the sentences punchier

Here‘s some key advice for businesses that are looking to create effective copy:

Beat content fatigue with concise writing

One golden rule of great copywriting is to write concisely. It’s sometimes surprising how many unnecessary words can creep into a sentence, but the copy will feel much punchier if these are removed. Everyday, audiences are saturated by content, so a good copyeditor will ensure that any copy written by a copywriter is easy to digest. This helps to improve engagement.

Drive engagement and conversions with clear and consistent content

Consumers access a company’s content through various different touchpoints, but inconsistent use of product or brand terms can be confusing. The audience is much more likely to take the action you desire (e.g. signing up for a webinar) if information is clear and consistent.

A common mistake is to refer to the same thing using different terms. In our project, different terms for the same service feature were used interchangeably, which can become confusing for the reader. Copyeditors can make sure all terms – including product names or professional business titles – are used consistently.

The bigger picture: managing global content

Our own marketing team at EVS Translations creates content in the three working languages of our company (US/UK English, German and Bulgarian). So, moving beyond copywriting and copyediting, let’s look at their broader advice for creating global content:

Cultural in-jokes or references to trending local news etc.

Be mindful of including references in copy that require experience of being in the local market to understand them. If you know that your content will be translated for different markets, these may not make sense to the international audience without a wordy explanation. Is it worth it?

Cultural adaptation of format and layout

This is really important and it‘s a big topic. Experts in Japanese consumer behaviour might tell you that Japanese consumers expect a lot more detail on website home pages compared to, for example, British consumers. As a similar example, a client of EVS Translations UK found that they needed to include a lot more  information on poster content for expos when they visited Japan on business. Cultural adaptation is not just about avoiding a cultural faux pas, but delivering something in a format that is considered user-friendly for the local audience. A good copyeditor for the target market and language can advise further on this.

Good content writing, including copyediting, can help a business to achieve the objectives of its content strategy. When content is well-written, you can increase click rates and subscribers or reduce the amount of time Customer Services needs to spend answering enquiries. It’s worth getting it right.

Contact our team today for help with copyediting or marketing translations. Together we can create high-quality global content that will form the building blocks of your business’ broader content strategy.

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