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Corporate Training Videos

Corporate Training Videos - EVS Translations
Corporate Training Videos – EVS Translations

Have you ever wondered why, when entering American restaurant chains overseas, all of their customs and menus etc. are still the same as in the US? That’s because many big companies use corporate training videos for their global employees to ensure that a uniform and recognizable brand image transfers across all markets. When a business has franchises in non-English speaking countries, it may opt to use subtitle translation for these training videos – which is where EVS Translations comes in.

For one of our clients, an American-based international fast food chain, a time-coded and translated script was produced and the video returned with closed captions, ready for launch.

What is ‘onscreen content’ and ‘kinetic typography’?

Something clients might not consider when sending a video for subtitle translation is the translation of onscreen text (e.g. any headings or titles shown on screen which are not part of the dialogue or narration). Does this also need translating? Our team at EVS Translations can deliver video with all onscreen text translated and it can also work with ‘kinetic typography’ or animated text. If a video uses kinetic typography, this can be translated and added back into the video, ensuring a professional finish. The video project for the international fast food chain did include kinetic typography, so our Translation Engineers recreated this in the new language, therefore creating a smooth and professional video.

For all employees to understand the company’s core mission, workflows, and procedures, video content should be clear and engaging. EVS Translations can support your team to produce multilingual videos which take into account every aspect of the visual content.

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