9 May /19

Corporate Training Videos

Corporate Training Videos - EVS Translations
Corporate Training Videos – EVS Translations

One of the earlier blog articles talks about the process of video subtitling. Today, the article will talk about all what you can do with this service.

Have you ever wondered why, when entering American restaurant chains abroad, all of their customs and menus etc. are still the same as in the US? That’s because many big companies use corporate training videos for their employees to ensure a uniform and recognizable brand image all across the globe. And when you have franchises in non-English speaking countries, you need translated subtitles for these videos – which is where EVS Translations comes in.

For one of our clients, an American-based, international fast food chain, the translators transcribed their videos in English (their original language), after which a native speaker of the target language translated the transcription. Then the subtitles are added at precise time codes and the file is returned with either closed or open captions.

Something most people might not think about is that when videos are transcribed and translated, we can also work with kinetic typography – meaning “moving words,” or words that move on the screen. If the client uses kinetic typography to support their talking heads, they can easily be translated and added back into the video, ensuring fluent and professional looking training videos.

Professional and well translated videos are important for international success because in order for all employees to understand the company’s core mission, workflows, and procedures, your message has to be clear and reach across the entire globe, along with your business, image and product. If you want to go the extra mile, though, EVS Translations can also create full voice overs for you, therefore ensuring an even greater understanding of your message.

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