12 Apr /23

Customer Showcase: Q&A Events – A Successful Model for Company Updates and Employee Engagement

Customer Showcase: Q&A Events – A Successful Model for Company Updates and Employee Engagement
Customer Showcase: Interpreting Services for Q&A Events

Over the last couple of years, several companies have had to modify their operations, including employee communication methods. One of our customers has effectively navigated this shift by hosting online Q&A events, which have proved very successful. To ensure the inclusion of their global workforce, the customer looked for a solution to provide the content in real time in their main corporate languages of German, French, Spanish and Japanese. After consulting with the client, we settled on live remote interpreting as the ideal solution for the client’s use case. Sessions take place fortnightly, with appearances from the CEO and a changing cast of guest speakers.

Over time, the Q&A sessions have become integral to how this company provides updates and engages with its employees. The events allow employees to ask questions directly to upper management, which helps to create a sense of transparency and openness within the company.

While the events started as entirely virtual, the organisation has now shifted to hosting occasional live events in front of a live audience both in the room and online.

The sessions usually revolve around HR subjects, such as return-to-office policies, maternity leave, taxes and diversity, equity, inclusion & belonging, or ’DEIB+.’ They’re usually scheduled for early mornings Japan time, which is around midnight GMT.

The success of the Q&A events highlights the importance of communication and transparency in the workplace, especially during times of uncertainty. Companies can create a more collaborative and engaged workforce by providing a platform for employees to ask questions and engage with upper management. Furthermore, the events demonstrate how technology can connect employees across the globe and provide them with access to valuable information.

Overall, the Q&A events have been a successful model for companies looking to improve employee communication and engagement.

Interpreting for the Q&A events requires careful coordination and communication to ensure a seamless experience for the speakers and the audience. The workflow involves scheduling interpreters and discussing details about the technical setup (e.g. Zoom) with the interpreters and the customer. In addition, the project manager will provide as much information as possible about the event, including speaker names, the agenda, presentation slides and videos to help the interpreters prepare.

An hour before the event, a sound check is done to ensure everything works correctly. During the session, the project manager listens carefully to ensure sound quality, a flawless switch between interpreters and the overall quality of the interpretation. Sessions are often recorded and shared with all company employees.

Following this well-coordinated workflow, one hundred and three sessions were done last year, providing high-quality interpreting services for their Q&A events.

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