14 Mar /17

Data Security at EVS Translations

The path from on-site server room to certified high-performance computer center

The issue of data security comes up regularly in the media and should by no means be overestimated: The increasing number of attacks by hackers causes uncertainty – not only for the general public but also for companies!

As a result of the increasing security requirements of our national and international customers and the DIN ISO 17100 certification for translation services, EVS Translations decided against a costly expansion of the server environment and instead on moving the data to an external computer center. DARZ GmbH in Darmstadt were chosen, who have been providing highly secure data storage since mid-2016. In discussion with Jan Krüger*, Head of Marketing at DARZ GmbH, he explains how the computer center supports both us as a translation company and our customers and their security-critical data:

Jan Krüger, Head of Marketing at DARZ GmbH Jan Krüger, Head of Marketing at DARZ GmbH

Our job is storing, processing, and transferring data securely – for the translation company EVS Translations, as well as for you as a customer. Day after day, translation orders with highly sensitive information are sent worldwide. With such a large amount of data, it must always be possible to trace which translator or project manager has access to the job files. At the same time, the general German Federal Data Protection Act and the new EU General Data Protection Regulation must be observed. Foreign companies in particular appreciate the strict provisions of German data protection. As a solution to the requirements of the translation company, we chose the infrastructure-as-a-service package on the basis of a private shared environment. As part of this, DARZ provides all services from a virtual software-defined data center with CPU, RAM, hard-drive storage resources, and firewalls, to backup services and monitoring to managing the operating systems. Within six months, the entire IT infrastructure, including the exchange server, file server, data and active directory, was moved.

This allows the IT department at EVS Translations to dedicate itself primarily to the needs of the customers and concentrate on the company’s IT development. We take care of clean and secure data management, as a fully-certified ISO 27001 computer center.

Compliance provisions and the EU market abuse regulation on preventing financial crime are insufficient if the technical data security is not also guaranteed. In DARZ, EVS Translations has found a partner with whom sensitive data belonging to our customers from the financial, technical, legal, pharmaceutical, and medical industries will be reliably protected – also across borders.

* Jan Krüger is the head of marketing at DARZ GmbH. The computer center is located in the former bank vaults of the Hessische Landesbank and was acquired by DARZ Managing Director Sergey Mirochnik in 2009. Today, it is one of the most environmentally friendly computer centers in Europe and meets the highest security measures for its customers’ data.