18 Jan /12

Dow Jones – the most important language is English

Worldwide the most important language for translations is English. In most countries, such as France and Germany, the volume of work into and out of English makes up more than 80% of the translations carried out.

USA is the most important translation market worldwide
One important corollary is that in monetary terms, 50% of translation orders come from the USA and Great Britain. To a certain extent this is clear. For larger established international corporations, the market is the world and content has to be prepared accordingly.

Many languages
An examination of how many languages are used on the websites of the Dow Jones 30 companies is revealing, spanning the range from only English to 35 different languages. The languages found on these websites is also interesting – of course English is present in all cases, followed by Spanish, German and Chinese. Altogether, 40 different languages can be found on the websites of the Dow Jones 30 companies.

For more information on the importance of English in the financial community, just click on the online version of the DIRK presentation: English as financial language