27 Jun /12

E-learning internationalisation and localisation

In today’s world, e-learning is a vital component of corporate training and development.

Companies are increasingly investing in e-learning solutions as business realises just how their cost effective they are in comparison to traditional training methods.

For companies that operate on multicultural markets, professional localisation of all employee and consumer education programs provides a competitive edge.

E-learning internationalisation

E-learning internationalisation is the process of designing training software applications in a way that they can be easily localised to various different languages and regions with as few engineering changes as possible.

Ideally, when developing e-learning software, e-learning developers should consult language services experts.

A full-service translation company can perform a pre-localisation analysis of the source application and determine the degree of readiness for localisation.

After an analysis is conducted, a translation company can provide recommendations for improvements (source materials, engines, content, processes).

E-learning localisation

E-learning localisation goes beyond the linguistic adaptation, which is the translation and modification of textual content, also involving technical and cultural adaptation.

Technical localisation

  • Screen captures
  • Animation and graphic materials
  • Voice-over recording or subtitling
  • Online assessments

Cultural localisation

E-learning software has to be adapted to each market’s socio-cultural and legal requirements.

Cultural localisation requires the creation of country-specific textual content and the usage of culturally customised and appropriate symbols and graphic materials.

Final testing and quality assurance are essential components to complete the full localisation process of e-learning content.

Accurate e-learning localisation reduces costs, speeds time to market and ensures the creation of consistent, high-quality instructional content for global learning programs.

EVS Translations works with our customers to create and adapt e-learning content for global markets.