26 Nov /20

An EHS Workplace App Translation for a Multinational Company Highlights the Global Drive for Digital Transformation

Worldwide, digital transformation progress has been slow.
A mere 6% of organizations have been categorized as Digital Leaders, (only 1% higher than 2018).

Digital Laggards – No digital plan; limited initiatives and investments
Digital Followers – Very few investments; tentative plans
Digital Evaluators – Gradual digital transformation and planning
Digital Adopters – Mature digital plans, investments and innovations in place
Digital Leaders – Digital ingrained in DNA


An EHS Workplace App Translation for a Multinational Company Highlights the Global Drive for Digital Transformation
An EHS Workplace App Translation for a Multinational Company Highlights the Global Drive for Digital Transformation

Project scope:

To deliver app content in 9 languages (app commands and questionnaires) relating to environmental, health and safety (EHS) compliance.

Total word count:

55,600 (source language words)


Our UK and US offices have partnered with an international consultancy for several years now. The consultancy works extensively in sustainability reporting for many of the world’s leading businesses, but the most recent project related to environmental, health and safety (EHS) compliance.

The end client – a multinational company – required the consultancy’s expertise to deliver an app that would educate staff and promote workplace health and safety, while ensuring the business meets international EHS compliance regulations.

The app includes questionnaires which test staff’s knowledge and awareness of procedures relating to workplace incidents involving hazardous materials.

Our team was able to support the company’s plans to release this app across many of its overseas operational sites and ensure seamless integration of the multilingual content into the existing tech infrastructure.

Terminology management for app translation

‘There are usually a lot of terminology queries with these types of order, but communication with the customer is very good and they are great at getting back to us.’
Account manager, EVS Translations

For this app translation, as with most translation projects, careful terminology management was important to ensure that technical terminology and internal corporate terms were applied consistently across all languages.

The process often involves Q&A between the translator team and the client, so it’s important that a translation service provider manages this stage correctly. Multiple questions from a team of translators must be processed efficiently: answers should be implemented consistently for each language and the terminology databases updated accordingly.

This results in accurate content across all languages, an up-to-date terminology database (which will form the basis of future translations) and a more user-friendly experience.

Is your business a digital leader or a digital laggard?

Projects such as digitizing workplace health and safety educational surveys hint at the some of the initiatives businesses are taking on the road towards achieving wider digital transformation. According to the survey by Dell Technologies, however, many companies are still struggling to deliver these kinds of digital solutions, which contribute to transforming organizational processes and future-proofing the business.

The end client for this particular project worked with the consultancy to introduce an innovative digital solution for the ongoing challenge of fulfilling EHS compliance. Adopting technology-led solutions to fulfil complex regulations is no doubt part of the company’s journey towards joining that top 6% of digital leaders.

If your department needs support with compliance related translations, including translation and localization for digital projects such as workplace health and safety apps, contact our team today. To learn more about the work of our international teams, see another recent case study here.

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