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Green Translations: English-German Translations in the Sustainable Energy Sector

Green Translations: English-German Translations in the Sustainable Energy Sector
Green Translations: English-German Translations in the Sustainable Energy Sector

In times gone by, mentioning the word “environmentalism” would cause one to conjure up images of penniless hippies wearing tie-dyed clothing and traveling in a minibus, but this is no longer the case. Environmentalism and green technology is quickly becoming a mainstay in our lives as well as a key factor in business. Especially from a business perspective, green technology only makes sense: Sustainable business practices allow for the efficient use of raw materials and products, which serves to save both money and resources over the long-term. The growth of sustainable business models is not limited to the manufacturing and energy sector, but has also spread its seeds to Wall Street. In the world of investments, where monetary value equals investor sentiment and confidence, socially responsible investing has increased by 13% from 2007 to 2010, compared to a meager 1% overall increase in investing assets.

Nowhere has the economic aspect of green technology had more impact than in Germany.

This year marks the twelfth anniversary of the passing of Germany’s comprehensive Renewable Energy Act (EEG), which has enabled Germany to cover about 20% of the country’s total energy consumption from sources like wind, solar, water, and biomass.

Germany has been called the world’s first major renewable energy economy and is aiming to become the world’s first industrial power to use 100% renewable energy; considering the nation’s past achievements and its level of politic and economic commitment to green energy, Germany could, in fact, reach that goal by 2050.

The German turn towards renewable energy is not only a step towards energy independence dependence, but also a powerful economic engine. As part of the largest economy in Europe, German companies’ development and utilization of green technology in the fields of power generation, sustainability, recycling, and waste management currently contribute over €300 billion of economic activity, or 15% of the overall global green technology market. Germany has become the center of innovation in renewable energy technologies over the last decade and it continues to be a place where new central renewable energy technologies as well as new jobs are developed.

With a multibillion dollar industry at stake, investment in green technology is no longer only the concern of governments, but private enterprises and research laboratories are now leading the way in the research and development of the next generation of green technologies.

Considering that the companies at the forefront of the green technology movement are based in Germany and would logically operate mainly using the German language, how could English-based companies capitalize on German research and developments?

The most logical way for American-based companies to synergistically work with and have access to German environmental technological advancements is through the use of a reliable language translation company with extensive dealings in German language translation. Cooperation with such partner will allow American companies to profit from the rising global demand for products and solutions in the field of environmental technology and resource efficiency produced by German green tech companies.

We can help English and American companies that are engaged in sustainable energy solutions and either seek to capitalize on the green tech sector expertise of German companies or are interested in presenting their own innovations and services to the German market.

EVS Translations is a specialist translation company for the green energy sector. We focus on translating research papers and feasibility studies that can help green energy businesses obtain information about the latest technology, research, and innovations in the field. Our team of in-house German English and English German translations have extensive experience in the translation of documents related to biofuel and biomass energy extraction, geothermal and solar thermal energy production, hydro-power and photovoltaics, water, wind and tidal power production. We are your expert partner in the alternative and sustainable energy sector; providing high quality language translation services that enable your company to play an important part in the growing green technology market.

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