17 Jan /23

Setting a New Standard for Single-source Localisation Providers

EVS Translations Joins UnbabelEVS Translations Joins Unbabel

 By Edward Vick

I am pleased to announce that EVS Translations has been acquired by Unbabel, the industry-leading AI-powered Language Operations (LangOps) platform that helps global businesses deliver multilingual customer experience at scale. Unbabel is a highly successful global organization with some 350 employees spanning ten hubs globally.

The story of EVS Translations began in 1991 as a translation agency for the financial sector in Germany to expand our global presence and offerings over the years and become one of the top 100 largest Language Service Providers worldwide.

What makes EVS Translations unique is our extensive and highly-trained in-house staff of 150 employees in offices worldwide, nearly half of whom are translators – and our single-source language solutions provider model that enables the company to meet the diverse demands of ambitious global enterprises. Our business model is designed with ISO-certified quality control, stringent data security, excellent response time, and scalability.


How EVS Translations and Unbabel align

For EVS Translations, the future lies in accompanying our premium human translation offering with increased application of AI and machine learning – the automation of large volumes of linguistic output and multimedia localisation. This automation additionally leverages data engineering and analytics to make informed decisions while enhancing workflows and multilingual content experiences.

EVS Translations’ and Unbabel’s views of where the future lies are fully aligned, combining our human-centered workflows and specialised multilingual localisation expertise with Unbabel’s unparalleled AI capabilities – harnessing the power of humans and technology together to create tailored and scalable workflows, thusly helping the global business deliver a diverse range of consistent, high-quality multilingual content from a single-source provider.

The synergies created between Unbabel’s AI expertise and EVS Translations’ in-house translation model will, undoubtedly, produce a new standard for single-source localization providers.

“We are committed to delivering the most comprehensive multilingual customer experiences, and our acquisition of a key player in the German market enhances our existing capabilities and expands our global footprint,” said Vasco Pedro, Co-founder, and CEO of Unbabel. Bringing EVS Translations into the Unbabel family provides us with new sectors and use cases and will enable us to deliver specialized content to more industries. It will also allow us to transition more workflows onto our platform, helping to reduce costs and time to translate for our customers.”


How this acquisition will impact EVS Translations customers

Joining Unbabel enables EVS Translations to provide our clients with the best possible mix of cutting-edge tech solutions and the premium quality human translations that EVS Translations is known for within a secure environment.

This partnership was entered into to add value to you, our customers, which include:

  • A Language Operations platform that combines the unremitting quality of EVS Translations with the speed and efficiency of machine translation, enabling you to deliver a consistent experience across the entire customer journey
  • An expanded platform of workflows to meet your growing needs
  • Increased and faster response time and efficiency, enabling you to achieve reduced costs and time to translate


Edward Vick
Edward Vick

The partnership with Unbabel elevates EVS Translations to the next level of translation service providers.

We look forward to being part of the combined organisation that broadens up customer experiences and impacts the future of the language industry.

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