23 Mar /12

EVS Translations update: US expansion and Berlin makeover

EVS Translations Atlanta officeTo serve our clients around the globe even better, we have expanded our team of EVS Translations USA and moved our Atlanta office to a new location. Atlanta is a strategically important location for EVS to serve the US market. In Atlanta, we have in-house project management, interpreters and translators who work on multilingual projects.

We are looking to increase the team in the USA and that is also why we are still recruiting for the Atlanta office. The amount of translation projects and our good work in the past enable us to offer great opportunities for language experts”, states Mrs. Radina who manages vacant positions in the US from Germany. “Our talents have the option to change locations within our international branches which is very attractive and enables especially younger and flexible professionals to explore a different lifestyle abroad.EVS Translations Berlin office

A few of our German head office personnel have relocated to the USA and it also works the other way round. Our offices are a multicultural melting pot which makes every work day interesting and surprising. Examples of this transnational exchange include Jon from Texas who now works in the Offenbach branch and Gabi from Uruguay who loves working in Munich”, she adds.

In addition to the exciting changes in Atlanta, our EVS Berlin office also had a creative makeover. We have worked with a local artist to create a unique feel for the Berlin location. The parrot is part of our symbol and the architect and artist have been working together to achieve a welcoming office for customers and employees.