29 May /14

Multiple Languages – Boosting Your Web Business

expert multilingual website localizerNew companies generally face the challenge of gaining customers and business. Virtually essential nowadays is a website, be it for a restaurant, a goods retailer or a service provider. With business becoming more and more global websites with multiple language help companies to tap in to international markets without having to establish bricks-and-mortar subsidiaries abroad.

Website localization in multiple langauges makes particularly good sense for startups that have a novel idea and want to capitalize on it quickly or for niche companies targeting specific market segments. The U.S. online dating industry, for instance, is currently estimated to be worth over $2 billion and includes an increasing number of multilingual websites aimed at particular niches such as people of a certain profession, fans of individual TV series or sports teams, age demographics or ethnic origins.

All the information required for the business interaction – the terms and conditions of the contract, payment options (e.g. credit card or direct debit) as well as access to the product or service itself – can be provided online in multiple langauges.

Once the website has been set up in the source language, an experienced website localizer such as EVS Translations can help you turn a monolingual, domestic business success into an international one with multilingual languages. Besides translating the content, EVS Translations can also help you identify the correct words to use for your search engine optimization (SEO).

An online presence is also useful for cross-marketing tie-ins with other business fields, for example between an e-card retailer, a bricks-and-mortar (or virtual) florist, and a company offering chocolates or other gifts. With Internet usage now spreading increasingly to mobile devices and apps, online business is set to become even more lucrative for companies. Contact EVS Translations to turn your unique selling proposition (USP) into an international success story.

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