29 May /09

Germany ’s No. 1 translation provider for financial translations

EVS Translations is Germany’s leading provider of financial translations.

No other company can boast such a highly-diversified customer base or such in-depth financial expertise. With its head office located in the direct vicinity of Germany’s finance capital Frankfurt am Main, EVS Translations provides its translation skills to over 100 listed companies, including leading banks, credit card companies, insurance companies, M&A houses as well as tax audit and accountancy firms.

Numerous analyst teams turn to EVS Translations when it comes to translating their company analyses. We also supply high-quality translations of financial texts to advertising agencies, law firms and market research institutes.

Our advantages for financial translations:

  • A large file management department which allows us to convert such file formats as InDesign or Quark, into text files that are both convenient and easily accessible for our translators.
  • A large group of specialized in-house financial translators who can work as a team on large scale projects to achieve consistency of vocabulary and adherence to client deadlines.





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