22 Jun /15

The Future of Software Documentation is Now

EVS Translations as sponsor of the Evolution of Technical Communication Conference SofiaEvolution of Technical Communication Conference,  SofiaEvolution of Technical Communication Conference,  SofiaBulgaria SLV sponsors the ETC Conference and the future

As a leading Single Language Vendor in Bulgaria, EVS Translations is pleased to have been a sponsor of the Evolution of Technical Communication conference. The event is the annual gathering for all technical communicators in Bulgaria, organized by Tekom (Association for Technical Communication), and took place in Sofia last Friday, 19 June.

The conference highlighted the latest trends in software documentation and in particular viewed software documentation as a product allowing seamless integration of new content, while at the same time improving the accuracy and quality of documentation.

Technical communication is serious business with many opportunities for all professionals working in that field, for instance technical writers, technical translators and marketing managers. As a translation company embracing the new trends, over the last years EVS Translations has expanded its international departments to include many DTP, voice-over and subtitling, video, SEO, web developer, formatting and alignment experts. Indeed, the future of the translation industry is closely connected to specialised software and agile development, as the conference again pointed out.

Impressions from Yanitsa Kirova, EVS Translations Sales Manager in Bulgaria:

The Tekom Conference in Sofia was a great success. Many speakers from across the documentation industry spoke on the changes and the challenges facing documentation and its distribution, especially the adoption of concepts from agile development.”

Until next year, when we hope to see more integration of translation into the agile documentation process and when our IT expert John Flathmann would be one of the key speakers at the ETC venue.