19 Mar /20

Global Communications in Times of Crisis

One of the fascinating aspects of working within the languages services sector is experiencing the close link between businesses operating in global markets and subsequent trends in multilingual communication. This sector can sometimes feel like an indicator of major global activity: last year our team handled a lot of content relating to Brexit – as businesses, law firms and governments sought to bring clarity to the situation – and now it faces a surge of communications content relating to the coronavirus.

Businesses swift to organise emergency plans and procedures

Internal communications going out to global workforces is currently forming a large part of demand. Our UK head of translation, Rob, notes: “most of the content was initially about hygiene tips for employees and updating them on which factories or offices in China they were closing. But more recent projects are also detailing cancelled events, advising against business travel, recommending working from home where possible and talking about the potential business damage and financial loss.

A tough week for global HR departments

EVS Translations’ own internal response to the coronavirus has stepped up considerably over the past week. Our HR department worked very hard to quickly put a set of measures in place which will keep all staff safe. For EVS Translations, as for many other international companies, it’s a challenge not only to keep everyone informed and up-to-date, but also to do this in the languages of different overseas offices. Our HR team and clients, alike, are rushing to translate new policies and procedures to ensure no one is left behind in terms of accessing and understanding the latest information.

Our Head of HR based at head office in Germany notes:

This is a very stressful time for all HR departments. Top priority is to keep the business running and therefore take care of all employees in this difficult time. At head office we created a pandemic plan for all our offices worldwide with clear rules for all employees. These were translated into the different languages of our international offices. We organised that nearly everybody can work from home to prevent contact with others and stay healthy. Our IT department spent many hours, even at night, to organise the workplaces at home with VPN tunnels. Nobody is infected with the virus so far and hopefully we did everything in time to prevent this.”

With travel bans and recommendations on working from home being put into action, EVS Translations would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a safe and vigilant time ahead.

Notification: EVS Translations’ hours of operation/business practices in the coming weeks:

EVS Translations’ hours of operation/business practices in the coming weeksEVS Translations, across all international offices, is fully operational and has normal capacity for managing all translation orders. Although our staff is now largely based from home offices, we do not anticipate any major operational issues and would like to thank our IT team in advance for ensuring smooth communication and workflows for both clients and staff.

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