12 May /23

Customer Showcase: Voiceovers for a Large Health Insurance Provider

Customer Showcase: Voiceovers for a Large Health Insurance Provider
Customer Showcase: Voiceovers for a Large Health Insurance Provider

At the end of 2022, we received a project request from a new client for translations and voiceovers for a large number of fitness and relaxation video and audio files which were to be used in their proprietary app. There was a total of 86 video and 43 audio files in German, adding up to over 24 hours of audio. The end client is one of Germany’s largest health insurance providers.

The client had already created transcripts for all video and audio files. These transcripts were of decent quality but still needed to be double-checked to ensure accuracy and avoid incorrect translations. That meant that all 129 transcripts had to be checked against the video or audio by native German speakers within the Translation Technology and German teams. A few of the scripts had already been translated into English and so only needed to be proofread by our English proofreading team.

Our English translation team were then tasked with translating around 100,000 words.

A perk: Since the topic of all videos and audios was fitness and relaxation, it was a nice change to review or translate a script on breathing and meditation exercises during the sometimes-stressful workday.

In the German original, there were five different male and six different female speakers, but to minimise the voiceover costs, we decided together with the client that one male artist would voice all male roles and two female artists would voice the various female roles.

We provided voice samples from eight or nine male and female voice artists (all with previous experience voicing exercise and/or relaxation audios) to the client, out of which they were able to select their favourites.

All audio was recorded, edited and quality-checked in batches – in part because that was how the translations were completed, but also because the voiceover artists had to be booked in half-day recording sessions. It can be rather exhausting for a voiceover artist to be in the studio for more than four hours at a time, and after that they need to let their voice rest.

The client had decided that their own video agency would lay the audio over the videos, so after the recording and editing process, all files were quality-checked and delivered as audio files that were synchronised with the video files.

The entire project, from order confirmation until the delivery of the last batch of files, took three months to complete.


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