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A New Twist on an Old Story: the History of International Pharma and Translation

History of International Pharma and Translation - EVS Translations
History of International Pharma and Translation – EVS Translations

A new twist on an old story: the history of international pharma and translation

The link between the spread of medical knowledge and the practice of translation is as old as the history of human medicine itself”.
So says EVS Translations CEO, Edward Vick, who will be speaking about the historical interplay between the pharmaceutical industry and translation at this week’s Translation and Localization Innovation conference. Taking place in Frankfurt, Germany on 22 and 23 October, the TLIP sees representatives from both the translation and pharmaceutical industries come together to discuss the most pressing challenges impacting public safety and risk management focusing on pharmaceutical translation.

You may think you know the pharmaceutical industry, but Mr. Vick will delve deep into its history to shine a light on the impact of internationalisation and the need for translation—it’s an old story with something new to discover. If you can’t attend the talk, don’t worry; EVS Translations will be exhibiting its collection of some of the very first pharmaceutical dictionaries at the EVS Translations stand. These rare first editions will be on display for you to gain an insight into how medical practitioners of the 18th century began building a multilingual medical lexicon. EVS Translations’ staff will be on hand to talk you through the collection and, of course, explain how EVS Translations supports the work of major pharmaceutical companies across the globe.

Day two, Bornheim room, 10:30-11:00 Edward Vick, CEO, EVS Translations

Traditions and Trajectories: Translations, Multilingualism and the Rise of the Pharmaceutical Industry

The talk will be followed by a short break in proceedings, so why not come over and say hi?