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What Does the Work of an In-House Translator at EVS Translations Actually Involve?

What Does the Work of an In-House Translator at EVS Translations Actually Involve?
What Does the Work of an In-House Translator at EVS Translations Actually Involve?

Translating. Is that it? Of course not. It goes without saying that translating is the core task of every native-speaker in-house translator at EVS Translations. But because this is also the core business of our translation company, we do everything we can to make our translators’ day-to-day work easier and more efficient. This inevitably requires team work, and for the individual translators at EVS Translations this means communicating closely with project managers, staff in the information technology and translation technology departments, and their own team of translators and proofreaders.

The translation process – and the role of the translator

To keep work processes running smoothly and efficiently requires a functioning process chain. This chain revolves around the translator. The translator’s schedule is coordinated by project management to ensure that deadlines are met and translation orders are delivered on time. Translation management makes it much easier to manage the availability – and the speed – of our in-house translator team.

Our internal translation technology department prepares the documents that require translation. Our team of around 25 translation software specialists convert non-editable formats like PDF files, for example, into editable formats, create translation packages in CAT tools and reconvert the final files back into the customer’s original source format. Translators themselves are trained to use our cutting-edge CAT tools, but they may encounter technical problems during their work and can turn to our translation technology experts for help whenever they need it. At EVS Translations, translators are able to concentrate entirely on the task of translating. Our specialised internal departments carry out the coordination and formatting aspects of the job for them.

Specialist translator – a varied profession

At EVS Translations, translators have the option to specialise in different specialist areas and become experts in their particular subject area. These areas include finance, economics and law, technical, automotive, energy, IT, medicine and pharmaceutical. We have an in-house team of editors and proofreaders as part and parcel of our quality assurance processes to guarantee accuracy in terms of specialist knowledge and language. Then there is localisation expertise. At EVS Translations, translating involves recognising the relevance of the finer subtleties of the specific target language and those who speak it. This knowledge is indispensable in this digital age, including for website translations that involve search engine optimisation (SEO) or copywriting. Better machine translation options may result in devolution of tasks in the long term, i.e. in the field of post-editing. But one thing’s for certain: Human translators are irreplaceable – and not just for highly complex texts and specialisms where there is a need for localisation. After all, the close level of communication between our translators in their interface role and other departments is what enables EVS Translations to respond quickly to deliver high quality translation services and generate lasting growth.

Requirements and the application process for prospective translators

The requirements for specialist translators at EVS Translations are based firstly on ISO standard 17100 for translation services and secondly on the high quality expectations that we set ourselves and that our customers have of us. In addition to professional translation or language qualifications, candidates must also have considerable experience working as a full-time translator – preferably in one of our specialist areas. Requirements also include practical experience of working with CAT tools such as Trados Studio, Transit NXT and Across as well as high quality awareness. We also help graduates to get their careers off the ground with our ambitious in-house trainee programme. However, please note that we can offer the programme only at specific times.

Are you interested in working as a translator at EVS Translations? On our careers page you will find an updated list of our job openings. We look forward to receiving your application via our online application portal! Following an initial pre-selection process, we will invite potentially suitable candidates to undertake a first test translation.

Do you have advance questions about specific job vacancies or would you like to know more about what it’s like to work at EVS Translations? Then drop us an e-mail!

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