16 Mar /17

International Mergers – Some of the Most Trying Cases for Legal Professionals

International Mergers
International Mergers – Some of the Most Trying Cases for Legal Professionals – EVS Translations

Not only do they require legal expertise across national boundaries, but also are often conducted under extreme time pressure. Complex multilingual negotiations thereby become even more difficult. From the perspective of a translation provider specializing in complex legal and financial translations, such as EVS Translations, mergers are unique in that they bring together both fields in a unique fashion. Providing successful translation support for a multinational merger therefore requires experienced in-house teams of financial AND legal translators that work in unison.

In-house teams are, in our experience, critical for a successful international mergers translation for three reasons:

1.)    During the negotiation phase, contracts will be revised and amended several times. In an effort to provide consistent and quick translation support, an in-house team is the best option to translate additions and work in edits. Changing translators will ultimately jeopardize the integrity of the text.

2.)    Response times. During a merger time is of the essence and clients will require translator teams to be available around the clock.

3.)    Data security. During a merger, all company records will be scrutinized. Ensuring the security and confidentiality of the data is therefore essential. At times, clients will even require translators to work directly in the data room.

EVS Translations has been the premier translation provider for international M&A firms for more than 25 year. Just last month we provided translation support to a merger between two successful manufacturing companies.
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