3 Jun /14

Invest in Your Company

investor relations translationsThere are two essential ingredients for a thriving business: capital and a good reputation. While every company understands the importance of sound finances and solid repute, most businesses still see these as two unrelated aspects at opposing ends of the business spectrum. More savvy businesses, however, are realizing that the procurement of capital as well as successful PR can occur under the aegis of an investor relations department.

Much in the way that each business has its own goals and plans, so does each individual investor. Moreover, too many businesses fail to capitalize on their potential because they fail to connect to the right investors, i.e. those investors whose personal goals align with the growth plan of the company they invest in. A business can’t just assume that in a marketplace crowded with competitors an investor will find them. On many occasions, it is essential for a business itself to locate and contact potential investors. Beyond just making contact, considering that any investment involves a risk/reward scenario, small businesses need to make themselves attractive for investors through proper documentation of the company’s past performance as well as a clear and convincing strategy for the future.

Providing open and convincing information to potential investors will also aid in reducing the potential cost of capital. From an investor’s perspective, the less you know about an investment, the more risky an investment becomes, and if you’re putting your money at a greater risk of being lost, you will expect a greater return. For the business, perceived risk directly translates into a higher cost of investment capital. Allowing potential and current investors to fully examine company documents and establishing an investor relations division that will attend to all investment related matters will help convincing interested investors that your company is worth their time and money.

While the main function of an investor relations office is to connect with investors, it also provides many secondary benefits to a business. By nature, a small business is volatile, but, properly administered, investor relations can help to quell volatility.

  • By allowing free access to information, not only to potential investors but also to the public, media, and investment analysts, a business is viewed as transparent and forthcoming, a reputation quite helpful and attractive to potential investors.

  • By enabling open communication, especially with investors who are experienced or knowledgeable about your industry, companies will develop new opportunities.

In many ways, investor relations can and should be an effective tool for any business to grow, attract investment, and improve internal processes. The key to this potential lies in open communication and the free exchange of thoughts and ideas. However, cultural and linguistic barriers can often be a problem: what if a company statement is misunderstood or a phrase mistranslated by a computer? In the global world of business, it is essential that your message is clearly understood by your target audience of potential investors and shareholders.

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