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Language translation services for the tobacco industry

translation  tobacco industry

The tobacco industry involves those persons and companies engaged in the production, advertisement and distribution of tobacco products.

Tobacco is grown in more than 100 countries, and tobacco products are consumed all around the world.

As an industry that operates on the global market, the tobacco industry is in demand of professional language services.

An experienced full-service translation company can:

  • Assist its tobacco industry clients in understanding the local market regulations and restrictions when it comes to tobacco advertising.

Tobacco advertising is now one of the most highly regulated forms of marketing. Every country has its own regulations regarding tobacco advertising where some or all forms of tobacco advertising are banned.

Tip: A translation company that has experience in working with tobacco advertising legislation.

  •  Assist in the creation of marketing campaigns, which match the tobacco advertising regulations of the market it is intended for.

For example, the EU Tobacco Advertising Directive bans tobacco advertising in the print media, on radio, and over the internet. It also prohibits tobacco sponsorship of cross-border events or activities, but advertising in cinemas and on billboards or using merchandising and tobacco sponsorship at local events is allowed.

Tip: A translation company that is specialised in marketing translation services and works together with market researchers.

  •  Accurately localise the marketing campaign to successfully reach the targeted audience and achieve its core marketing purpose.

The intended audience of the tobacco advertising campaigns has changed throughout the years, with companies now targeting a particular demographic (age, sex, social status or other).

Tip: A translation company that can ensure text adaptation and localisation in the best possible way that can:
– comply with the targeted demographic and socio-cultural groups,
– reach the campaign’s purpose whether brand introduction, brand awareness, brand preference or increase of customer loyalty.

  •  Translate survey and survey results

Translation of survey questionnaires
– Involvement in survey interviews whether by phone or face-to-face
– Translation of survey responses (collected online or offline)

Tip: A translation company that has experience in survey translations and market study projects.

  •  Translate health warning messages

Tobacco packaging warning messages are health warning messages that appear on the packaging of cigarettes and other tobacco products. Warnings used in different countries try to emphasize the same messages, but every country has implemented the usage of different healthy warning messages.

Tip: A translation company that has experience in translating packaging and labeling texts and is aware of the tobacco related pictograms and warning messages adopted and used in the targeted market.

  •  Translate health related researches and internal company documents

The tobacco industry is doing its own health-related scientific researches on smoking.
Research results have to be interpreted and communicated to the interested parties.

Tobacco industry legislation has forced tobacco companies to make most of their internal documents available to the public.

Tip: A translation company that is specialised in medical and scientific translation services and interpreting research results.

  •  Assist in lawsuits

Lawsuits against tobacco companies have been increasing in the last few decades. Companies might require court interpreters or translations of legal documents.

Tip: A translation company that is specialised in legal translation services and follows a strict policy of confidentiality and data protection.