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‘Lawyer-centricity’ – EVS Translations Shares 5 Key Issues from the London Law Expo

‘Lawyer-centricity’ - EVS Translations Shares 5 Key Issues from the London Law Expo
‘Lawyer-centricity’ – EVS Translations Shares 5 Key Issues from the London Law Expo

Our legal translations expert Joanne Brompton attended the London Law Expo this week to gain insight into the sector’s challenges and opportunities around technology and data security in legal translation.

If you couldn’t make it, or you would like a refresher on the day, here’s Joanne’s thoughts on a thoroughly informative day for everyone.

Wow, what a day. I was one of 700 delegates, watching 50 speakers across 5 presentation stages and can honestly say each speaker had something of value to share. I can’t possibly summarise them all but here’s my 5 key learnings from the sessions, plus a few more observations you might find useful.


“Lawyer-centricity” was the buzzword for the day. Law firms are reviewing their work force and starting to view them as athletes competing at elite sport level. Firms need their teams operating at optimal performance at all times in order to remain competitive. And technology is the best way they can achieve this.

That said, it was acknowledged that the legal sector has been somewhat slow to adopt Artificial and Business Intelligence compared with other sectors such as Automotive, Finance and Pharmaceutical.

Machine Learning and Contract Review

I attended the StarLeaf Innovation Stage which offered a full programme dedicated to current and future processes available for the legal profession and the future lawyer. Sessions discussed Machine Learning and Contract Review and the impact this can have within a firm.

Equal evaluation was given to new advancements in AI including IOT (the Internet Of Things) to streamline processes whilst increasing the agility of firms in a disruptive market. There was a note of caution here, with a case study that highlighted how AI can go badly wrong when machines are badly trained.

The Future of Enterprise Communications

Law firms are actively seeking ways in which they can enable their staff to collaborate faster, often at a global level. Technology must be inclusive and accessible to everyone within the firm.

Choice will be fundamental in this change, but the question that firms are asking, is similar to that of elite sports, how do we get the most from our people?

AI & the Law – Predicting the future

There is much debate that rapidly evolving technology will require the creation of new types of law. Will this demand new specialisms and skill sets within a firm? Possibly not. The wheel does not require re-inventing.

Most existing law can actually be tweaked to respond to innovation, so this proliferation could actually be avoided.

As we move forward the legal sector will not be seeking new law, but how to access existing law better.

The Future of Knowledge Management

Clients are demanding continuous improvement & innovation, so law firms are under increasing pressure to adapt and respond in order to remain competitive.

The big Firms are using leverage with AI to enable PSLs to become problem solvers rather than processors.

Solutions such as End to End Contract Life Cycle tools are just one way AI can help support return on investment. This will create new job roles within firms in the future such as data scientists and data governance.

How AI is Revolutionising the Legal Profession

Lawyers love words and they love language. It is not for suppliers to determine what law firms need. It is for firms to tell suppliers what they need.

At EVS Translations, we absolutely agree with that. It was a fantastic day and the key for any supplier to the sector is to listen, adapt and create solutions that work for law firms. We have a fantastic range of services, built from taking the time to listen and then to deliver outstanding translation services to law firms.

Lawyers act more quickly than politicians

The conference gave a rallying cry that this is the 3rd expo to take place since the EU referendum (the implications of which are still uncertain). So perhaps it is fair to suggest that lawyers actually operate more quickly than politicians!

At least by the 6th Legal Expo, the UK will know for certain if we are to “leave or remain” and EVS Translations looks forward to being there once again.


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