12 Mar /12

Legal matters leave no room for translation mistakes – but how do you make sure?

A small error in a legal translation can mean the difference between winning and losing a case.

When recently tasked with translating an urgent request from our client, we looked at over 90,000 words in 4 working days and found the solution:

“100,000 words. 21 legal contracts. Definitely achievable; but we must take into account formatting, proofreading, desktop publishing, assigning the translation, glossary development and project coordination”, says Project Manager Beata Kowalczyk.

So where do you start with a project like this?

Step by step: First the Project Manager assembles and coordinates a global team of translators and proofreaders for this project. The Project Manager ensures all parties are aware of their responsibilities and submission timeframes. Our global DTP department began pre-formatting and preparing all 21 files into an editable translation format. Starting with the files that were due for translation by our US translation team (coordinated by our Atlanta, GA office) and finishing the remainder of the files that were to be translated by our UK translation team (coordinated by our Nottingham, UK office) so that our UK translators had their files ready in their inboxes first thing in the morning. Before receiving any translations, our proofreaders create a unique glossary of terms that would enable all translators and proofreaders to ensure that all key terminology maintained consistent throughout all 21 files.

Is this normal procedure? There is very few companies in the world that can offer this level of service and project management expertise.

Mr Vick, Founder of the EVS Translations group said “We do not aim to be normal, we strive to be exceptional, this is why we follow stringent quality processes and have specialist legal teams in place for such critical projects. Using this glossary, the latest translation software and our streamlined project workflow all 21 files were translated in line with one another, although the two teams remained thousands of miles apart.”

EVS Translations has a team of over 40 full time in-house translators as well as our network of qualified and highly experienced legal translators that ensured our client the highest quality translation even in such a short timeframe.