12 Jul /18

Behind the Scenes: Making Our Legal White Paper

Behind the Scenes: Making Our Legal White Paper
Behind the Scenes: Making Our Legal White Paper

At the end of June, we released our legal white paper “Language technology for law firms”. This explains how law firms can apply an AI-based solution to the problem of searching large amounts of foreign language data, for example, during cross-border transactions.

Why write this white paper now?

Technology develops quickly but five years ago it wasn’t at the level it is at today. Applied in the right context using an AI program can now be a very effective tool for law firms faced with terabytes of data to review. As AI and its impact increasingly comes to the forefront of discussion in the legal sector, EVS Translations decided the time is right to discuss this very specific solution which exists within the language services sector.

What was the process for creating the paper?

We’ve made this in UK English and, as we did with our new brochure, we will be translating it into German, Bulgarian and localising it for the US market. The design follows our new branding brought out in 2018. As is often the way at EVS Translations, we kept the whole process in-house! The design, writing, translation and surrounding lead generation campaigns have been produced and delivered by our own staff. That makes the final outcome very satisfying, as it really has been a group effort. It demonstrates the capabilities which exist within our inhouse team, and also means we share a clear understanding of the wider production process and objectives of our clients when they send us their reports and brochures for translation.

What’s in store for the future?

There are definitely plans to create more white papers where we have solutions to the specific issues our clients face. The demands and criteria for a translation services provider are becoming more and more diverse. Businesses require a comprehensive set of solutions so solid technical expertise and data security measures plus a high level of responsiveness (think, time-to-market) are critical. For our legal white paper, dealing with very large volumes presents a different set of challenges again. We have become a problem solver that can deliver robust solutions on many different levels. We hope that is reflected in our recent “Language technology for law firms” white paper.

If you would like to receive a copy of our white paper “Language technology for law firms” please send an email to whitepaper@evs-translations.com (subject: Legal White Paper) and request your copy today.

Alternatively, visit our downloads page on the website to see our additional resources for clients and buyers of translation services.