28 Feb /19

Meet EVS Translations at LegalEx

Meet EVS Translations at LegalEx
Meet EVS Translations at LegalEx

LegalEx – the UK’s leading event for innovation, security and business development in the legal sector – is set to inspire legal professionals to improve their practices by showcasing the importance of technology and how the latest tech innovations can truly optimise the work processes of law firms.

Taking place at the ExCel conference centre in London on 27 and 28 March, keynote speeches will cover topics from legal AI and automation, legal software and agile development, and cybersecurity to discussions on current best practices in the legal sector.

The expo will showcase disruptive tech and serve as a hub for professionals to discuss the innovative sector of legal marketing.

This dovetails perfectly with what EVS Translations is developing in terms of language technology solutions for the legal sector in the area of neural machine translation for large-scale document review. This makes LegalEx an opportunity for exchange with legal clients. As a solution provider, it is important to understand the issues they face with investing in and implementing technology and to align our own AI offerings in line with specific needs.

We are looking forward to intensive discussions with existing clients and technology providers and provide insight into how EVS Translations supports law firms to overcome potential barriers to better service their international clients.

For more information, request our latest white paper “Language technology for law firms”.

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