13 Nov /12

London – Legal Capital of the World?

legal case translation londonWhile challenging economic conditions have taken their toll on many sectors, the legal profession in London is enjoying a lucrative period.

A survey by “Legal Business” has revealed that combined revenue for the top 100 London firms increased by 17% to £17.7 billion last year, yielding profits of £5.4 billion. These figures were boosted by a number of well publicised commercial cases. Apple’s patent dispute with Samsung over alleged copying of its iPhone could scarcely have had a higher profile, while the “battle of the oligarchs” between Roman Abramovich and Boris Berezovsky generated billings in excess of £100 million. Russia’s wealthiest view London as an ideal venue for dispute resolution. In addition to the expertise of individual firms and lawyers, the English legal system offers a famously fair playing field.

In a similar vein, London is often referred to as the divorce capital of the world. While the city’s romantics might not welcome the label, many whose marriages are ending appreciate the even-handedness and discretionary elements of English divorce law. Legal “tourism” is an excellent option for overseas visitors who might secure a far better settlement in this country than their own.

London’s top 100 law firms employ in excess of 100,000 people. Increasingly, these people owe their livelihoods to the spending power of overseas clients. The Ministry of Justice has confirmed that more international and commercial arbitrations take place in London under English law than in any other city in the world.

In a profession where nuance and attention to detail count for so much, where a single misinterpretation can alter the sense of an entire argument, and where the original language of a dispute is less and less likely to be English, how can legal firms guarantee the accuracy of the written or spoken word?

EVS Translations is not a translation agency. It is a translation company. Its specialist teams manage legal projects in-house, allowing complete control of quality and speed of delivery. It can draw on the talent of experts in any given legal field. The linguistic skills of its translators are only a starting point which are combined with sector specific skills. More and more legal firms are taking advantage of these skills, to the lasting benefit of their clients and themselves.

According to 2012 government statistics, nine out of every ten commercial cases handled by London legal firms now have international links. EVS Translations helps clients to strengthen those links, communicating an accurate message in sense and spirit in any language they choose.

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