10 Sep /19

A Look Back at the World Aviation Festival

A Look Back at the World Aviation Festival
A Look Back at the World Aviation Festival

EVS Translations Business Development Manager Kristy Hartless: “I had a great visit to the World Aviation Festival on last Friday at the Business Design Centre in London. It’s a 3-day event which sees some of the key players in the commercial aviation industry come together for a comprehensive series of seminars and panel discussions, and it also includes an exhibition of over 200 suppliers to the industry.

Translation and localisation plays an important role in the commercial aviation sector, so it was fascinating to see many different companies on the day discussing personalisation and customer experience. From tech firms which help airlines to deliver personalised flight information and content for passengers to apps which are designed to improve booking and arrival processes, there was a lot to see. Even apps which can even curate a portfolio for in-flight entertainment depending on the user’s preferences, including for the whole family.

Conversations surrounded the ability of technology to respond quickly and effectively to customer queries. Chat bots help businesses to reduce the workload of its human workforce by responding to a high-volume of enquiries. Apparently, 14.5% of monthly inbound messaging can be resolved by a bot. The ability to develop and deploy effective multilingual chatbots is also critical.

Personalisation is key, as are customer experience platforms. In the global context of commercial aviation, this means businesses have to deliver on this across multiple languages.

EVS Translations works with many airlines as well as international airports to facilitate communication and the exchange of consumer and corporate information between languages. Get in touch with our teams today to find out how we can support your business to deliver on a global scale.

See you again next year!”