24 Apr /12

New manager for our Bulgarian location

Boyan Yordanov, Manager EVS Translations BGWe are very happy to welcome back Boyan Yordanov to the EVS Translations Team as General Manager for the Bulgarian Office in Sofia.

Boyan brings 8 years of experience to the team and will be responsible for sales and for managing large scale translations projects for Bulgaria. During his career Boyan has excelled in maintaining very high quality translation results for major key accounts within the IT sector, such as Microsoft. He is very familiar with complex and time-intensive projects and therefore brings great value to the team.

“After graduating from Sofia University I worked as English teacher but soon developed a passion for translations. In 2004 I started my career as a translator/interpreter and worked for the Bulgarian Ministry, a news agency and soon joined EVS Translations as a translator for 7 years”, says Boyan.

“During my time at EVS Translations I was actively involved in the activities of the Vick Foundation – an organization established by the owner of EVS Translations, Mr. Edward Vick, to promote Bulgarian literature. After a short break in 2011 I am more than happy to rejoin the EVS Translations family as General Manager and to be part of the growing international team”, Boyan adds.