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The medical technology hub of the New South

Atlanta - medical technology hubJust several decades ago, when people thought of the American South, and especially Georgia, it often involved conjuring up images of peanut farms and peach plantations. Though the New South still boasts successful agricultural industries, its reputation as one of the country’s most dynamic and innovative economic centers is built on less traditional sectors. Today, Southern businesses are known for their aerospace innovations, IT solutions, and medical patents rather than their onions and okra. In many ways the capital of the New South economy, Atlanta, is today home for not only a number of established Fortune 500 companies such as The Home Depot, UPS, Coca-Cola, and Delta Airlines, but also has become the national center of America’s pharmaceutical and medical technology industries.
Today, more than 500 medical, pharmaceutical and medical technology companies have settled in the metro area and employ over 50,000 people.

In many ways, Atlanta’s national standing and global draw for all things relating to medical technology simply makes sense. As the national headquarters for the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta is the epicenter of issues involving the national public health. The city also boasts a number of leading research hospitals and universities, such as Emory University, Georgia Tech, UGA, and Georgia State that attract both established professionals and the next generation of promising researchers in medical technology and pharmaceuticals. In addition, Atlanta’ business development authorities have worked consistently to make the city attractive to startups as well as globally-known brands by implementing a series of business-friendly incentives, not only or medical technololgy.

The results of this business development offensive, paired with the region’s low employment costs and affordable cost of living have produced impressive results quickly. In addition to increasing the presence of medical technology leaders such as CIBA Vision, Baxter International, and Kimberly-Clark Health Care, Atlanta boasts a number of pioneering niche companies focused on highly specialized and innovative medical fields including:

  • GeneCure Biotechnologies focuses on using gene transfer technology to develop treatments for life-threatening human diseases, such as genetic and infectious diseases, and cancers.
  • CryoLife develops implantable biological devices, surgical adhesives, and biomaterials for use in cardiac, vascular, and spinal reconstruction.
  • Elan Holdings, Inc. is a neuroscience biotech company that, focuses on advanced therapies in neurology, autoimmune disease treatment, and severe pain control.
  • DSM Chemicals produces vitamins and ingredients for the feed, food, and cosmetics industries, as well as active pharmaceutical ingredients.
  • Micromeritics Instruments manufactures particle-sized analyzers, surface area analyzers, and other small scale instrumentation.

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