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If you are a MLV searching to outsource a language translation project, here are the top reasons why should EVS Translations Bulgaria be your translation vendor of choice

MLV searching to outsource a language translation project
MLV searching to outsource a language translation project


EVS Translations Bulgaria is a preferred language services provider to many UK and USA based multi-language vendors (MLVs) and is often contacted to perform language translation services on a subcontractor basis.

If you are a MLV searching to outsource a language translation project, here are the top reasons why should EVS Translations Bulgaria be your translation vendor of choice:

  •  Experienced team of in-house native speaker translators

EVS Translations Bulgaria has an experienced team of translators working exclusively into their native language, who work on a local basis to ensure optimum text translation and localisation.

EVS Translations Bulgaria is a full-service translation company that offers translation, back translation, interpreting, localisation, proofreading, transcription and DTP services. This ensures that your project is in good hands from beginning to end that you receive a finished file ready for further use and distribution.

With a large team of in-house native speaker translators and a complete service portfolio, EVS Translations Bulgaria has the capacity to handle high volume projects at tight deadlines.

  •  In-house IT team

EVS Translations Bulgaria has an in-house experienced specialist IT team dedicated exclusively to providing customers with the answers to all their technical language-related questions.

  •  Translation software to support and facilitate the translation process

Translators at EVS Translations Bulgaria use translation software which helps improve translation efficiency, ensuring consistency of terminology, avoiding reuse of previously translated material, reducing time and cost while simultaneously enhancing quality.

  •  Our areas of expertise:

 <> Financial/banking translation

EVS Translations directly supports over 200 listed companies, translating annual and quarterly reports, equity analyses, ad-hoc notifications and press releases.

<> Technical translation

EVS Translations specialises in the translation of a wide range of technical documentation, and our translations are renowned for their quality and accuracy.

 <> Advertising translation

From storyboards and copy to posters and POS material: EVS Translations understands how best to convey your message in every market in any country.

<> Legal translation

Our specialised translation services caters to the entire spectrum of legal documentation, including, but not limited to contracts, company foundations, legislation and judgements.

<> Automotive translation

The range of translations provided in this industry includes documentation regarding the planning and preparation of series production, as well as technical documentation for vehicles.

<> Construction translation

EVS translates a wide range of documents, such as planning studies and construction documentation, as well as those concerning mergers and acquisitions.

<> Pharma/Chemical translation

EVS Translations provides companies in the pharmaceutical and chemicals industries, as well as medical institutions, with a comprehensive portfolio of technical, medical and legal language services.

EVS Translations has successfully complied customer and area-specific dictionaries and glossaries over the past decade which are incorporated into the software tools that it works with.

Area-specific dictionaries can assure the consistency of terms in the translation and take into account the terminology demands of specific industries

  •  References

EVS Translations is a specialist translation and language service provider with over 600 corporate clients in various business areas. It has accrued numerous references project testifying to its expertise and quality of services over our many years of service.

  • Project management

Project Managers act as your central contact partner to guarantee optimum cooperation, thereby ensuring an efficient and friendly one-stop complete service. A project manager is in turn supported by an operations manager, who acts as the central contact person for the client.

  • Quality assurance department

The solid reputation enjoyed by EVS Translations Bulgaria can be largely attributed to its Quality Assurance Department and its effective and exacting translation and service standards.


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