5 Jul /12

Mobile app localisation

mobile app localisationThe growing popularity of smart phone and handheld device technology gives a global opportunity to mobile and software app developers.

Professional language localisation services can significantly increase the reach and visibility and improve the usability and acceptance of a mobile application software product in international markets.

When a mobile app developer takes a decision to have his app translated into different languages, firstly an analysis of the specifics of the target markets’ mobile landscapes needs to be performed.

The mobile market varies widely in different regions in regards to mobile platforms and platform versions. E.g.: Apple iPhone OS, Android OS, Blackberry OS, Maemo, WebOS, Windows.

A mobile app localisation project has to be assigned to a translation company that has an in-house team of native mobile technology and localisation specialists with expertise in the targeted mobile platforms.

Mobile app localisation process

  • Pseudo localisation

Pseudo localisation (fake translation) is a software testing method that is used to test internationalisation aspects of software application with an aim to determine the potential difficulties and software’s readiness for localisation.

  • Adaptation recommendations

Recommendations for mobile app’s features that have to be modified in order to better fit the socio-cultural, linguistic, usability and legal standards in the target markets.

  • Creation of a style guide and glossary

Defining style and terminology for the mobile application and its related web-based functions and online marketing.

  • String translation

Extraction of the translatable content from all source files, followed by a linguistic translation of all the strings using the context of the mobile app.

  • Editing of the translated strings & variables

Web content, images, audio and video, databases, help files and etc.

  • On-device linguistic testing

A quality check by independent linguist and software testers to ensure that the interface and the translations within the app display correctly and that they are complete and accurate in context.

We at EVS Translations can help mobile app developers to successfully bring and position their software applications to a global market.