20 Mar /14

Berlin, The IT Place For Tech

multilingual software localization Berlin startupsBerlin has undergone many transformations. In recent years, the once divided city has firmly established itself as one of Europe’s most vibrant and diverse capitals. Almost immediately after its Eastern and Western half were reunited, artists, architects, and entrepreneurs were drawn to Berlin by its clashing cultural spheres and cheap rents. Now, as the creative crowd has put down roots, Berlin is quickly becoming the focal point of a burgeoning information technology industry. Though it may still lack the allure and pedigree of places like London, Tokyo, Vancouver, and Silicone Valley, Berlin has quietly been building a creative and investment scene to rival the established millennial tech hubs. Germany’s capital city has put together a successive string of small to mid-range success stories including SoundCloud, ResearchGate, Wooga, and 6WunderKinder that are bound to attract the big players.

So what makes Berlin an attractive location for IT startups? Naturally, Berlin does possess certain elements which make it an attractive place to live and work, such as comparatively low rent and utilities, thus making initial startup easier and lowering the cost for potential employees. Yet, what may seem as the perfect mix of circumstances at the right time hasn’t happened by accident. Berlin’s booming tech industry is also the result of careful planning and cultivation. For a number of years, local and federal governments have been instrumental in laying the groundwork for Berlin’s tech boom, by providing logistical and administrative support and the distribution of seed capital. Investionsbank Berlin, a state funded investment bank specifically designed to upstart small and innovative businesses in the city, has poured over €700 million into the ideas of young entrepreneurs. Aided by its renowned educational climate, Berlin is truly fertile ground for innovative companies.

So far, this well-executed combination of efforts has yielded staggering results. According to the latest available numbers:

  • A new tech startup is founded in Berlin every 20 minutes.
  • By 2020, Berlin’s tech industry will have created 100,000 new jobs.
  • Yearly sales related to Berlin tech are expected to exceed well over €9 billion.
  • 25% of all German digital economy jobs are already in Berlin.
  • Berlin is now home to over 400 yearly events which address digital issues, attracting thousands of professional visitors from around the world.

For all of its local success, Berlin’s tech industry is still lacking the global reputation of other tech hubs in Asia and North America. Though some may consider it only a matter of time until that happens, there are certain steps that can be taken to hasten that day. One of the easiest and most beneficial steps involves broadening IT made in Germany on a global scale.

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