1 Mar /18

There Is No Such Thing as Bad Weather

Today weather - EVS Translations UK office, 19 Regent St, Nottingham NG1 5BS
Today: EVS Translations UK office, 19 Regent St, Nottingham NG1 5BS

As diverse the international team at EVS Translations is, as variable the weather conditions it experienced this winter and most prominently, in the last days, have been.

Meeting for a conference call yesterday, some of our colleagues complained about the massive snowfalls from the last days, while other about the fact that they haven’t seen a single snowflake this winter. Furthermore, some were enjoying the mild plus 15 degrees, while other had to cope with minus 15.

For example, our Atlanta, Georgia, US Office – after having to accept a bit of rain today – would welcome a sunny Friday and weekend with temperatures of above 15 degrees, while our Berlin, Germany office just went through the coldest days this winter, with temperatures hitting below the minus 12 mark. And here comes the irony of weather, Atlanta, that only sees an average of two snow days per year, with 2 snow days recorded last winter and none in 2015, was hit by a winter storm this year, with the freezing temperatures and icy roadways even resulting in the closing of many government buildings, schools and businesses and the creation of many memorable memes. Berlin, along with our headquarters in Offenbach, Germany, on the other hand – went through a freezing, but dry winter. And while our colleagues in Germany had to go to mountain ski resorts to see snow, our people in Bulgaria and the UK could, literally, ski to work if they were in the mood to. The Internet saw uncountable number of videos of enthusiast in both countries commuting via ski, or even used snowboards, to be pulled to work.

today's weather A view from EVS Translations Bulgaria office,10-12 Damyan Gruev street, 1606 Sofia
A view from EVS Translations Bulgaria office, 10-12 Damyan Gruev street, 1606 Sofia

And while none of our employees admitted coming to work in a manner like this, regardless of the heavy winter conditions, our Bulgarian team is at work today, on the day of Baba Marta (Grandma March), when people wear white and red yarns asking the old grumpy lady for mercy and health and that she brings the spring along. Traditionally, today our Bulgarian colleagues celebrate the first day of spring and welcome the first blooming spring flowers, which this year, are covered in deep snow. The UK does not have its Grandma March to bring over the spring and is left to shove its way through the deep snow, and unfortunately, some of our UK colleagues could not make it to work today due to the severe weather conditions and the few heroes who made their way to the office, found it freezing, as a power cut has left it without heating.

And just as the saying that there is no such thing as bad weather, but only different kinds of good weather, there is no such weather that could prevent EVS Translations from professionally servicing all the needs of its clients. Today, the UK office might be down, but our international offices across Europe and North America are all good and there to help and work around the clock and weather.