11 May /17

Oil and Gas Translations for Peak Performance

How EVS Translations can help your oil and gas company reach peak performance
How EVS Translations can help your oil and gas company reach peak performance

An oil and gas company must ensure that all its activities, such as exploration, extraction, health and safety regulations, and contractual obligations, are running together in harmony.

Naturally, it is not always easy to get this corporate engine to run smoothly. Aside from getting every department to run in tandem with the others, considering that energy is a global resource for a global market, there is the risk posed by improperly translated information.

In order to keep operating at its best, energy companies require quality language solutions, provided by highly-trained in industry-specific concepts and terminology unique to the oil and gas sector linguists.

And additionally, other specialist translators, such as legal/regulatory, financial and medical translators, are also often involved in an oil and gas project.

How EVS Translations can help your oil and gas company reach peak performance

Multiple Languages, Multiple Topics

EVS Translations is currently working on a big assignment for a global energy company. Over the past 3 months we have translated about 480,000 words mainly from French into English, but also involving other languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian. The project consists of a wide range of documents including: texts related to regulations governing oil shipping, well drilling and environmental stipulations; internal health and safety guidelines; equipment manuals; and marketing materials. More specialized texts cover well examinations, well design procedures, perforation charges, and surface control connections. The project is still ongoing.

Broad Exploration Assistance

One of our long-standing partners from the industry is heavily involved in the exploration of new oil and gas fields. Following the granting of an exploration license in Greenland, EVS Translations translated approximately 250,000 words in geological surveys and geophysical reports from English into Greenlandic and vice versa. The project also included legal stipulations of the exploration license, drilling cost estimates, equipment evaluations, and similar documents detailing the prospect of launching a drilling operation in the Arctic Circle.


EVS Translations has just completed the translation of a consulting report for a Canadian energy company including oil reservoir connectivity studies, MMO reports, and all project correspondence. The substantial translation from English into Spanish had to be completed in 3 business days.

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