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Finding the Right Partner for Your Pharmaceutical and Medical Translations

Finding the Right Partner for Your Pharmaceutical and Medical Translations
Finding the Right Partner for Your Pharmaceutical and Medical Translations

Alongside user manuals and safety instructions from the mechanical engineering sector, translation services in the medical industry involve the most sensitive texts that must therefore be translated with the utmost care.

When it comes to engaging a language service provider for your pharmaceutical and medical translations, make sure that the provider uses only specialist translators who are native speakers of the particular language. This is the only way to ensure that your texts are optimally localized and translated in accordance with all the necessary specifications and market requirements.

It’s also important that your trusted translation company can provide evidence of fulfilling a standard of quality that is in line with the pharmaceutical and medical industry. If the language service provider is certified in accordance with the applicable translation industry standard DIN EN 15038 as well as DIN ISO 9001:2008, then you’ve made the right choice.

You should also take a close look at the processes. What quality assurance measures are in place? In addition to in-house translators, does the language service provider have its own in-house proofreaders specializing in medical translations or pharmaceutical translations? Does it offer a customer platform for processing and tracking your orders?

In EVS Translations, you have by your side a translation partner for the pharmaceutical industry that has almost 25 years of experience and also observes the specifications of EU regulatory authorities with regard to document templates and the required terminology.

EVS Translations supports 5 of the 15 largest pharmaceutical companies in Europe and the USA with specialist medical translations.

Texts translated include research papers and studies as well as approval documents for medicinal products and medical information for patients and doctors.

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Pharmaceutical Translation Field Report

This year, we received the urgent order to translate a comprehensive study and its research findings from German into English for an investor on behalf of a major pharmaceutical corporation.

The order comprised 4,895 pages in PDF format, which were to be delivered within 10 weeks. For EVS Translations, this involved formatting the documents as well as translating them.

It started with 6 employees from our Translation Engineering department formatting the documents in Word. Legends were created in table form for the non-editable graphics. Formatting was complete after one week with the result a 4,946-page Word document. This Word document comprised a greater number of pages due to more logical page breaks and the additional legends and tables.

By this time, our project management team had already put together a team of 7 translators and 3 proofreaders from our in-house translation team specializing in pharmaceuticals/medicine. While the 7 translators came from our offices in Germany and England, the proofreaders were based at our office in the USA. This meant that work on the project was virtually ongoing around-the-clock for our customer.

In addition to drawing on their many years of experience and longstanding familiarity with the specialist terminology as well as guidelines in the medical industry, the members of the team also used specialist dictionaries (such as MedDRA) during translation.

What’s more, the customer had also provided reference documents that proved useful in completing this mammoth project by the given deadline.