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The Experts in Medical and Pharmaceutical Translation

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Those who are looking for an excellent medical and pharmaceutical translation service provider have come to the right place at EVS Translations

Expert medical and pharmaceutical translation service

If a foreign pharmaceutical company or medical device manufacturer wishes to sell its products in the EU, it is legally obliged to present medical documents such as product labels, instruction leaflets or handbooks in the respective national language. Such strict approval regulations exist in a lot of other countries as well. Therefore, medical and pharmaceutical translations should only be done by professionals. Since precision and unambiguity are of the greatest importance, medical and pharmaceutical companies are strongly advised to collaborate with a specialised translation company at all times.

Medical errors as a result of poor translations

The following example shows how disastrous the effects of translation errors can be: The English term “mild dementia” had been translated into German as “moderate dementia” in a medical record. As a result of this erroneous diagnosis, the doctor prescribed inappropriate treatment. Unfortunately, medical errors as a result of poor translations are not uncommon.

This is due to the complexity of medical terminology. Instead, there are more and less recent terms and countless synonyms and abbreviations. Specialized knowledge is thus absolutely required to translate a medical text perfectly.

However, this does not mean that all doctors are capable of translating such texts. This is because special training is also needed in this field. After all, translation is not only about knowing the right terms. An excellent knowledge of grammar, typography, expressions, phrasing and in-depth knowledge of the cultural background are all decisive elements in order to write an accurate translation.

Native speaker translators specialised in the field of medicine

Those who are looking for an excellent medical and pharmaceutical translation service provider have come to the right place at EVS Translations. The company has been offering specialised medical and pharmaceutical translation services for 25 years. EVS Translations translates various documents such as instructions for use, hospital reports, training materials, handbooks, research reports and many more into over 50 languages. A team of translators, comprising exclusively native speakers who are familiar with medical jargon and various regulations, is available in six locations worldwide.