17 Apr /12

Plunet: automated translation processes management

As EVS Translations positions itself in the global corporate marketplace, our customers need a global translation management solution that can amalgamate quote and order management processes, invoicing and detailed reporting into one web-based platform. Being able to provide our clients with detailed reporting functionalities we are able to optimise our processes resulting in quality and efficiency improvements.

Plunet BusinessManager is a business management software that supports the full range of organizational structures and business processes within a company.

This software provides a high degree of automation and flexibility for the language and documentation industry. It is especially well-suited for optimizing all management and workflow processes relating to translation services providers.

Plunet BusinessManager uses a single web-based platform for automating the handling and management of all translation project activities and processes.

The system includes business as well as process and document management and integrates translation software, financial accounting, and content and quality management systems.

With other words, Plunet automates the translation process from quoting, ordering, and job and workflow management to invoicing, comprehensive financial reporting, and management of translation teams, glossaries, documents and partner and customer relations.

The recent cooperation between Plunet and the world leader in Computer Automated Translation – Trados resulted in full integration of Trados technology functionality.

Linking both systems, the SDL’s information management and the business project management functions of Plunet, further enables translation services providers to establish integrated translation management processes.

At EVS Translations, we are using Plunet BusinessManager as the company’s central automated translation processes management system. The implementation of the software increases productivity and quality, cost-effectiveness, timely delivery and overall customer satisfaction.

Visit Translation management system Plunet BusinessManager website.