5 Jul /18

A Look Back at The Plunet Summit 2018

A Look Back at The Plunet Summit 2018
Plunet Summit 2018 – EVS Translations was represented by Jonathan Flathmann (left, Head of Translation Technology Development) and Ronny Engelmann (right, Project Manager)

Intelligent platform solutions for automated translation management

The 2018 Plunet Summit – the second conference of its kind – focused on translation technology you can touch.

On 24 and 25 May, around 200 customers, technology partners and Plunet employees gathered in Berlin’s Spreespeicher venue to discuss new developments and trends and the challenges of the language and translation industry.

EVS Translations was represented by Jonathan Flathmann (Head of Translation Technology Development) and Ronny Engelmann (Project Manager), who were particularly pleased to have direct contact with the people behind Plunet – the developers, designers and account managers. The event was also a great opportunity to talk with other Plunet users and hear about the problems they face and the solutions they have found. It was attended by many market participants and some of EVS Translations’ customers and partners who, as well as exchanging thoughts and ideas, listened to fascinating talks on topics such as transcreation and automated translation management. One of the hottest topics was the new General Data Protection Regulation, which came into effect on the second day of the conference. How much time and money have individual companies invested so far in implementing the GDPR? How will existing translation processes change, and what form will they take in the future? Plunet showed how its software for company and translation processes implements the requirements and creates new opportunities.

As well as being extremely informative, the conference included a wide range of fringe events. Its outstanding location right by the River Spree allowed guests to enjoy a chilled beverage as they soaked up the sun. Acrobatic dance performances and a band added the perfect touch to a relaxed Thursday evening.

All in all, the Plunet Summit 2018 was an interesting and entertaining event. Unfortunately, two days were not enough to delve even deeper into the Plunet software and explore its new and remarkable functions and features in detail. However, we will definitely be going back next year and will be excited to see how the translation industry has progressed – both in terms of platform solutions and the processing of translation jobs.

Couldn’t attend the conference? Our team will be happy to tell you all about translation technology, platform solutions, and project management. Simply e-mail usa@evs-translations.com.

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