22 Feb /23

EVS Translations, a Top 100 LSP, Awarded Quadruple ISO Certification

EVS Translations, a Top 100 LSP, Awarded Quadruple ISO Certification

A New ISO Certification and a Round of Successful Re-Certifications


Offenbach, Germany.

EVS Translations, a single-source translation supplier for all language requirements and a market leader for premium human translations, is pleased to announce it has successfully completed a recent round of audits and re-certification processes and is now one of the few LSPs worldwide to be four times ISO certified and have its processes fully compliant with information data security standards.

The company’s newly awarded ISO certification also makes it one of the few globally operating and Europe-headquartered LSPs to hold an ISO 20771:2020 Certification for legal translation services. ISO 20771 specifies requirements for legal translators, revisers, and reviewers, best translation practices, and the translation process directly affecting the quality and delivery of legal translation services.

EVS Translations’ latest ISO certification caps off a recent round of successful audits and re-certifications:

Ten years after receiving its first ISO 9001 certification, the company has yet again completed the re-certification audit performed on its Quality Management System by the globally recognized certification body TÜV SÜD. The certification ensures internal processes and procedures in all global locations (Germany, UK, US, and Bulgaria) that enable strict quality assurance, meet international regulatory requirements, and enhance customer satisfaction.

The global LSP’s workflow has been reexamined for compliance with both ISO 17100 and ISO 18587 and fulfillment of all requirements for the process of translation services and post-editing of machine translation has been reconfirmed. ISO 17100 defines the requirements for all aspects of the translation process that directly affect the quality and delivery of translation services, and ISO 18587 establishes the requirements for full, human post-editing of translation-machine-translation output.

The Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange (TISAX) has once again certified that EVS Translations structures its workflow to fully comply with the information security standardization in the automotive industry. As a TISAX-listed company, the LSP applies the requirements of the quality standard for information data security with equal precision to all projects and business partners.

“Our business model is designed with ISO-certified quality control, stringent data security, excellent response time, and scalability, and this enables us to meet the diverse demands of ambitious global enterprises,” says Edward Vick, former CEO of EVS Translations. “EVS Translations customers could take a great comfort in our quadruple ISO certification as it demonstrates the robust quality assurance system across all our global locations and means that our customers receive optimum quality, maximum security, industry expertise, and enhanced satisfaction,”

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EVS Translations is an international translation company and Top 100 language service provider. Its global in-house team of nearly 150 employees across offices in Germany, England, Bulgaria, and USA consists of expert project managers, translators, proof-readers, and translation technology engineers who deliver high-quality language solutions for global corporations within a secure, certified, and fully scalable network of interconnected offices. For more information, access https://evs-translations.com/


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