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Single-Source Language Services for the Construction and Real Estate Industry

Single-Source Language Services for the Construction and Real Estate Industry
Single-Source Language Services for the Construction and Real Estate Industry – EVS Translations

When it comes to the construction and the eventual sale and purchase of a new building or megaproject, the effective cooperation of professionals from various areas of expertise is required in order to achieve success.

The experts, involved, are often architects, civil engineers, construction workers, energy companies, health and safety experts, financial and government institutions, lawyers, investment and real estate firms, and the list goes on.

The construction and real estate industry has its own unique terminology and language needs, and to go further, the industry is as international as never before, as today outsourcing is a common practice in the construction business and building and real estate firms operate across national borders and attract investors from all corners of the world.

Due to the global nature of the construction and real estate business, there is a rising need for professional language services and companies often require a large number of documents, containing a mix of technical, health and safety, legal, financial and marketing information, to be translated with precision and on a regular basis.

How EVS Translations supports the future of the construction and real estate industry from a single source

Servicing a comprehensive range of international projects and clients for 25 years, and with its strict workflow adherence to the ISO 17100:2015 standard, which was specifically designed for and rigorously governs all aspects of the translation process, EVS Translations has positioned itself as a leader in terms of quality, optimised processes and customer service.

Furthermore, the company strives to incorporate the latest technological solutions into its workflows and thereby productively shape the future of its business partners from the construction and real estate industry.

The most fundamental advantage is that the entire range of language solutions are provided from a single source.
A team of
150 in-house employees, including native-speaker translators and interpreters, proofreaders, project managers, IT and DTP specialist, web marketing and localisation experts, employed in 8 global offices to work around the clock providing international construction and architectural companies, and businesses specialising in real estate with an ideal environment to bundle their language services demand in one place.

Industry-specific solutions delivered by a large in-house team

70 full-time in-house employed translators including linguists with expertise in civil engineering and architecture, energy, health and safety, finance, law and marketing, supported by an own internal Translations Engineering department and IT helpdesk, translate on a common basis documents such as: land surveys, architectural plans, blueprints, technical drawings, engineering specifications, feasibility studies, tender documentation, supplier contracts, power purchase agreements, health and safety regulations, real estate investment reports and valuation, property financing, due diligence and bank leasing documentation, property purchase agreements, local and international legal regulations and compliance, marketing materials, and more.

Services with extra value

Project management plays an essential role in implementing each translation project. Project managers establish in-house translator teams in line with the specialized requirements of customer projects and coordinate the project flow. Furthermore, an account manager is assigned to each corporate project as a central point of contact.
For customers with in-house language service departments, project management takes on the role of coordinating translation management and administration.

Terminology management solutions provided by an in-house Translation Engineering department, consisting of 21 employees, to ensure a cost-effective translation process for construction and real estate project with the utmost precision and the implementation of client-specific terminology memory.

Customized delivery systems and secure processes, backed up by a certified high-performance computer centre, ensure secure data handling for all confidential construction and real estate translation documentation.

Website and software translation and localisation solutions, multilingual search engine optimisation, interpreting and desktop publishing are among the additional value adding services that EVS Translations offers to its clients from the construction and real estate business

EVS Translations can help you to successfully place your construction or real estate projects on international markets, providing a full scope of professional language services customized to your business goals.

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